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Handling Systems

We have been leaders in the manufacture of handling and control systems for the concrete pressing industry for over 40 years.

All our machines are designed and built to meet individual customer requirements, as we understand the ever changing demand for new products within the market.

We can offer:-

Most machines are capable of handling both simplex and duplex slab or kerb, and with the kerb machines, 3 - 4 layers can be achieved with the use of our automatic paper placer.

All of our automatic machines come fitted with a pallet magazine capable of storing up to 8 - 10 pallets.

For factories where fork lift truck access is limited for loading new pallets into the machine, we can incorporate a lower turning arrangement which will rotate the pallets for positioning onto the indexing conveyor.

Our handling systems come fully programmed and tested to the highest standard, incorporating all up to date safety circuits and devices.

We can supply PLC systems most suited for individual requirements and also retro fit into your existing PLC.

Some examples of PLC systems most frequently used are: