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Concrete Dispensing

Morris Brothers manufacture a wide range of dispensing systems to suit the production of hydraulically pressed concrete products.

The volumetric is a simple, but effective design and has been widely used in the industry since the 1970’s. It enables accurate amounts of measured concrete to be dispensed into the press moulds, which ultimately gives a constant product thickness.

There is a volumetric for every conceivable product produced on the press. Some examples are:-

Most volumetrics are designed for individual customer requirements, and can be manufactured with open top, lift and lower and even made to travel in restricted areas.

We can now offer weigh dispensers as an alternative to the volumetric. This unit reduces product change over times with the push of a button, and most products can be manufactured using the same dosing buckets.

The unit is operated by means of load cells and amplifiers which can be easily programmed and linked into your existing PLC system.